Silicon Village 2017 Financials

We’ve turned over information to law enforcement and we have been pursuing all of our options to recover the money that has not been paid to us by Acteva from 2013.  We are fortunate that friends of the Village have continued to support us by advancing funds and donating storage.  All in all, we started with money in the bank, provided essentials for the Village and evaluated optional expenses carefully which has left us in the black at the end of the 2017 year.

Silicon Village 2017 Financials

Your Camp Leadership Team appreciates your trust in their stewardship of your funds.

When setting the budget, the Leadership Teams’ objectives have been to ensure the Village has sufficient working capital to cope with project expenditures before taking in all camper fees, to cope with crises, to act as conservative custodians of your funds, and to hand a healthy financial situation to our successors. Typically we end up with 220 villagers on Playa. Conservatively, we therefore typically plan for revenues from 180 campers, and expenditures for 220 campers.

Stay on the lookout for announcements.