The Party Snail Maenads

Returning for 2018!

  • A 30ft diameter, 7 ring labyrinth dedicated to the goddess Ariadne that will be available 24 hours a day from Monday – Sunday of the event.
    Visible by colorful fabric during the day and multicolored LED rope light at night. We invite people to find themselves, by losing themselves, in the labyrinth.
  • An opening night Partysnail Party, Sunday the 26th at 8pm – 12pm.
    We invite participants to come hang out on the top of the Partysnail to watch the city arrive.
  • Trick or Treating Monday night the 27th at 8pm until we are done.
    Participants can join us in traditional Halloween costumes to trick or treat neighboring camps and the Center Camp area.
  • Partysnail Deep Playa Art Tours, Wednesday night and Friday morning for 2hours.
    We invite participants to meet at the Partysnail and join us for a tour of the Deep Playa and art at the trash fence.
  • Naos Ekstasis (our temple space dedicated to Dionysus and his entourage) will be open in camp for 3 hours per day, Tuesday – Friday.
    We will offer oracle readings, rituals, Orgasmic Meditations (OM) workshops, wine/mead tastings and other witchy themed activities and workshops.
  • Love Notes to the World will be open during daylight hours on Tues – Sat.
    Participants can drop by to submit their Love Notes to this collaborative art project to “weave” the “world” together: a giant crocheted globe (8′ diameter) made with donated yarn, stuffed with love notes for humanity.


theme camp Information & Contacts
2018 Features & Events
  • Leader: Sabryna “Manea” Hodges and Chris “Twisty” Tuck
  • MOOP Maven: “Sunny”
  • Power Ranger: Ken “Pacer” Rodkey & Tejas Edwards
  • Layout Liaison : Manea
  • Mutant Vehicle: The Party Snail (capacity 30)


  • Labyrinth
  • Love Notes to the World
  • Trick or Treating
  • Temple Space Naos Ekstasis:
    • Oracle Readings
    • Rituals
    • Orgasmic Meditation workshops
    • Wine/Mead tastings
  • Mutant Vehicle Specific:
    • Top ‘o The Snail Party
    • Deep Playa Art Tours

Theme Camp Leader information is on the Theme Camp Page. The location of this Theme Camp within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2017 map will be posted at that time.