The Party Snail Maenads

INFORMATION BELOW IS FROM 2016 – To be updated – returning for 2017 combined with members of Otis Spankmore to be The Snailing Maenads!

We will host a 24 hour labyrinth under a shared shade structure with Otis Spankmore. The shade is beautiful bright and inviting, called the Xanadome.

We will host two POD happy hours and provide oracle readings at the Ali Bar Bar. One is Red Bull and readings, providing our signature grape red Bull drink and Oracle readings. The other is Wisdom and Wine, providing wine drinks and readings.

NOW is teaching us all to worry for people in her worrying booth and we will priestess the Playa and take people’s troubles away.

POD InfoRMATION & Contacts
2016 Features & Events
  • Leader: Manea
  • MOOP Maven: “Sunny”
  • Power Ranger: Ken
  • Wisdom & Wine
  • Red Bull & Readings
  • Worrying Booth

Theme Camp Leader information is on the Theme Camp Page. The location of this Theme Camp within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2017 map will be posted at that time.