The Party Snail Maenads

Returning for 2019!

This is still being determined but most likely we will have some variation of: Classes, workshops, oracles readings, interactive art projects open 6 hours per day, Monday – Saturday for a total of 36 hours. And our 24 hour labyrinth Tuesday – Sunday for a total of 144. Altogether giving us 180 hours plus camp bar shifts and greeter shifts.

theme camp Information & Contacts
2019 Features & Events
  • Leader: Sabryna “Manea” Hodges
  • MOOP Maven:
  • Power Ranger:
  • Layout Liaison :
  • Mutant Vehicle: The Party Snail (capacity 30)

Theme Camp Leader information is on the Theme Camp Page. The location of this Theme Camp within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2019 map will be posted at that time.