Saints and Sinners

Returning for 2019!

Button making 2 hours a day Mon-Fri
Fellatio workshops 2 hours Tuesday and Thursday
EFT tapping workshop (unsure of the days and hours)
Reiki massage (unsure of the days and several sessions)
Cougars with cookies one day for 2 hours
Hippie catcher all night everynight
Ashes to Ashes art installation on the playa
Twerking class one day 1-2 hours
How to train your Dogman kid (unsure of the day 1-2 hours)

theme camp Contacts
2019 Features & Events
Leader: Jai Jai
Power Ranger:
MOOP Maven: 
Layout Liaison: 
  • Button Making
  • Fellatio Workshops
  • EFT Tapping
  • Reiki Massage
  • Cougars with Cookies
  • Hippie Catcher
  • Twerking Class
  • How to Train your Dogman kid

Theme Camp Leader information is on the Theme Camp Page. The location of this Theme Camp within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2019 map will be posted at that time.