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Sent to us from our Placer Happy, put together by Hepkitten Placer.

Helpful Information 2016 Burn

Silicon Village Members – Knowledge Dumps



Please remember to address/prevent MOOP issues when gifting.

  • recommended by Meps “Hug Slut” from Happy Spot – $85 for 500 UV coated, square stickers, including tax and shipping. They were a nice quality, not huge, not too small either.
  • recommended by Ramona Mayhem “Queen Bee” from BuzzInn

Buttons recommended by “Twisty” as his source for Party Snail buttons.


  • VistaPrint – Save at least $10 – Contact Milk Maid [ teriruby (at) onlymyemail (dot) com ] for current discount codes she may have
  • Zazzle – Customize a variety of items with images and text – recommended by Teri (Milk Maid)

Leave No Trace

Burning Man

  • Survival Guide [link]
  • Resources [link]
    As mentioned in JRS: “We’ve compiled a list of fellow JRS readers who are offering you their bits, bobs, wares, services and suchlike (and often special discounts for Burners) to help you prepare for the Playa. And some of the listings stretch the concept of Playa preparation a bit, it’s true, but rather than arbitrate that, we decided to interpret broadly and let you decide.”