INFORMATION BELOW IS FROM 2016 – To be updated – returning for 2017!

2nd Year in the Village for 2016

  • The main experience is in a 16′ diameter conduit dome covered with individual tyvek triangles.
    • Guests will get to put on a headset that measures their EEG (brain waves).
    • Ambient music and LED lighting installations in the dome will respond to their level of attention or relaxation.
    • All lighting in the dome will be provided by colored lights filtered through fog from a DJ-style fog machine.
    • Our goal is to make the experience immersive and intense.
  • Guests will enter through a second dome, that is more social, where they will be oriented to the experience in the main dome, or talk about the experience they just had with new arrivals, and possibly play Brain Pong (the videogame  pong controlled by brain wave signals) while they wait to enter the main dome.
  • during day time domes are partially shaded and open for chill space
POD Contacts
2016 Features & Events
  • Leader: Sean “Treasure Legs”
  • Power Ranger: Ranjeet
  • MOOP Maven: Leva
Operating  Sunday-Friday 6pm to Midnight

  • Dome 1 – generative music & LED lighting display controlled by brain wave headset.
  • Dome 2 – brain pong- play against each other by wearing brain wave headset.

Pod Leader contact information is on the Pod Page.
The location of this Pod within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2016 map will be posted at that time.