INFORMATION BELOW IS FROM 2016 – To be updated – returning for 2017!

Followers of Joyism.Joyism Laminate 2013

We are a “pod” (sub camp) of Silicon Village that follow the next big thing in spiritual enlightenment, Joyism. We are guided by The Book of Joyism, whose guiding mantra is “Spread the Joy”. Perhaps you are called to help us spread the good word about Joyism?

Java Joy Café Hut

Rejuvenating the masses as coffee reigns supreme, the Java Joy Café Hut is for those of you wandering back from an all night adventure and those just dusting off your sleeping eyes. Our volunteer Baristas offer fresh ground coffee daily for a couple of hours in the morning. It’s Playa time, but early (8ish) to mid-morning (10ish), come to Joyism and enjoy a cup of Java with assorted creamers.  Remember your cup. The Café always needs contributions of materials and other worldly offerings.

Leonardo’s Selfie Booth: The Vitruvian Me!

We of the Guild of Vitruvius, under the protection of Joyism, gift custom renditions of The Vitruvian Man to youvitruvianman. Imagine your own personage captured in the form of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, arms and legs splayed within the Vitruvian square and circle, distributable as the ultimate Renaissance jpeg selfie, or suitable for hanging over your mantelpiece in your living room! Our Guild artisans assist you with your attire (or lack thereof), help you pose while laying on the ground as your image is captured, assist you with your attire, encourage your participation in the digital image crafting process (maybe adding wings), display the final image so that you may capture it on your camera as you exit the booth, and/or send you an image via email that is suitable for printing, decorating your desktop, or as a background for your phone.

In short, you haven’t done Burning Man 2016 until you have a picture of yourself as The Vitruvian Me!

See for more information. The booth will be open from at least 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday, and maybe other times. A slideshow of the booth’s images will run during the night.

POD Information & Contacts
2016 Features & Events
  • Leader: Al Castro
  • Power Ranger: Randy & Steve
  • MOOP Maven: Susanna
  • Art Car: Joyism
    Joyism and rainbow 2010 from Blinky IMG_5273
  • Spreading the Joy
  • Java Joy Coffee Hut
  • Vitruvian Me – Leonardo’s Selfie Booth

Pod Leader contact information is on the Pod Page. The location of this Pod within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2017 map will be posted at that time.