Crazy Camera

Crazy Camera

New to Silicon Village for 2019!

10 am to 3 pm We will offer a crazy portrait creation experience to the people of Black Rock City. The guest will step into the shoes of a film director and create a photo scene using camp members as the support artists with her/him being the star of the picture.  We will be working enthusiastically to make the guests’ creative visions a reality. We will also have some prearranged fun scenes, such as “Touching Your Big Heart”, “Surfing The People Wave” and more.

After the photo is taken, we will print it and mount it on a handmade, beautiful frame. The guest can decorate the frame or use our help. We will have a set of custom carved stamps to make decorative prints on the frame, metal stencil to torch the pattern on the frame, decorative nails etc.

The picture and the frame will make a great gift to bring back home from The Burn.

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Leader: Victor Korol
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  • Crazy Camera Photographs
  • Frame decorating

Theme Camp Leader information is on the Theme Camp Page. The location of this Theme Camp within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2019 map will be posted at that time.