INFORMATION BELOW IS FROM 2016 – To be updated –  returning for 2017!

For 2016 there is a new Leader and a new name, Be-Fuddle!

Puzzle and Game Booth – Shady place to hang out with pals and work on a giant sized crossword puzzle. Other activities include poetry wall (similar to magnetic poetry but bigger), and the “Question and Answers” area where blank journals are provided for participants to engage in perusal or reflection. Game table for those who want to play dominoes. Outside the booth/surrounding the booth, there will be a “Chuck -it” course and afternoon games can be played- similar to bocci ball or frisbee golf but sillier because the holes may be burner-esque. The games and booth will be available all day for folks to have fun but we plan to host late morning 10 AM group puzzling and afternoon chuck-it games at 3:00. Possible tiny dance party.

The Happy Spot is self-serve 24/7.

POD InfoRMATION & Contacts
2016 Features & Events
  • Leader: Daisy LaPoma
  • Power Ranger: Meps
  • MOOP Maven: Suzi
  • Puzzle & Game Booth
  • Poetry Wall
  • Questions & Answers
  • Game Table
  • 3:00 PM Chuck It Games
  • 10AM Group Puzzling
  • Daisy’s Dance Party

Pod Leader contact information is on the Pod Page. The location of this Pod within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2017 map will be posted at that time.