Ali Bar-Bar

2015 Stargate to Ali Bar Bar

2015 Stargate to Ali Bar Bar – photo by Amber Aurelia Pinomi

2nd Year as a Pod for 2016

  • Ali Bar-Bar 2014 DayBedouin tent lounge area – with rugs, pillows, lighting, and sound (open around the clock with opportunity for people to hang out and sleep if they choose to)
  • Ali Bar-Bar camp bar (located in the Bedouin tent) – Open – 4-8 h/day all week Sun-Sat, open for Pods to host happy hours.
  • Ali Bar-Bar 2014 FireDance floor / gate / backdrop. This might be the Stargate or a different structure with lights synchronized to music and several lasers as a backdrop for dancing.
  • Fire performance space to be shared with  San Ho Pyro Dept for fire hooping and fire spinning performances. Time TBD, but likely 2 h/day all week on average.
POD Contacts
2016 Features & Events
  • Leader: Will
  • Power Ranger: Connie
  • MOOP Maven: Josef
  • Bedouin tent lounge area
  • Ali Bar-Bar camp bar
  • Dance floor / gate / backdrop
  • Fire performance space
  • Happy Hour of flaming drinks
  • Fire spinning
  • Music

Pod Leader contact information is on the Pod Page.
The location of this Pod within the Village will be decided when the internal layout for the Village is determined; the Silicon Village 2016 map will be posted at that time.