Camps (Pods)

Pod Leaders

Pod (Theme Camp) Leaders are the engines of Silicon Village. Their energy, close knowledge of their people, and distinctive “characteristics” ensure diversity and contribute to the flavor of Silicon Village. Pod Leaders make the Village manageable, and make the camp fun. Love your Pod Leader!

PodLeaders-2016 Starting in 2015, each Pod has their own page, links are below.


How to Join a Pod or Start a Pod

If you don’t know what Pod to join, please contact our Mayor at (Mayor [at] SiliconVillageBurners [dot] org). The Mayor will help put you in touch with one.

If you would like to start your own Pod in 2016, please discuss the requirements with our Mayor. Please consider the following:

  • How many campers do you anticipate?
  • What type of interactive feature do you wish to bring?
  • What special needs would your Pod have?

To help our Campers and collection of Pods practice Civic Responsibility and help with these Communal Efforts we offer the following opportunities for pod member(s) from each pod to pARTicipate:

  • Village Events:
    • Village Greeter Shift – Wednesday morning 8a to noon – sign up here [link]
    • Temple Guardian Village Shift
    • Village Stage Acts
    • Bar Happy Hour Themed Shifts
    • Zip Line Themed Zip Shifts
  • Volunteer Positions:
    • Pod MOOP Maven
    • Pod Power Ranger
  • 2016 Village Photo
    • TBD

Pod (Theme Camp) information: