Camps (Pods)

Pod Leaders

Pod (Theme Camp) Leaders are the engines of Silicon Village. Their energy, close knowledge of their people, and distinctive “characteristics” ensure diversity and contribute to the flavor of Silicon Village. Pod Leaders make the Village manageable, and make the camp fun. Love your Pod Leader!

2014 Pod Leaders

2014 Layout v15How to Join a Pod or Start a Pod

If you don’t know what Pod to join, please contact our Mayor, Manea [Manea (at) BurningMan (dot) com] and she will help put you in touch with one.

If you would like to start your own Pod in 2015, please discuss the requirements with KathyKat, our Placinatrix (KaathyKatt [at] yahoo [dot] com). Please consider the following:

  • How many campers do you anticipate?
  • What type of interactive feature do you wish to bring?
  • What special needs would your Pod have?

Pod (Theme Camp) information:

Pod (camp) Pod Leader
POD InfoRMATION & Contacts
2014 Features & Events
Buzz Inn Laminate 2013
Ramona “Queen Bee” MayHem Pod full.Buzz Inn News (Facebook)

  • Power Ranger: Charlie “Mash”/”DJ Drone”
  • MOOP Mavens: Katherine  & Ian


  • Mead (Honey Wine) Tasting Workshop
  • Waggle Dance – Do the Honeybee returns! (video)-last one 2012 Burn (video)-inspiration
  • Lemony &/or cranberry ice water
  • Raw honey samples
  • “bee-ngo” and “spelling bee”
  • Bee education
Happy Spot
Happy Spot Laminate 2013
Margaret “Hug Slut” Pod full.Facebook

  • Power Ranger: Meps “Hug Slut”
  • MOOP Maven: Lisa
  • Hugs & Happiness Daily
  • Big Barry’s Electric Flower Garden
  • Crossword Puzzles in Your PJ’s
  • Sunrise Fitness Caravan
  • Doodle Your Dust Mask
  • Pick up Your Diploma
  • Jewelry for Your Bike
Heart-On! Laminate 2013
KathyKat “Queen! of Hearts” with co-leaders “Heathen” John & Paula Pod full.Yahoo Group

  • Power Ranger: “Cool” Daniel
  • MOOP Maven: Paul
  • Lampshade Brigade
  • Daily Heart-On!s
  • Ink-Ons & Oktoberfest Happy Hour
  • Bear Naked Tramps – Photo Studio
  • Silicon Village Greeter Shift
  • Nightly Glow-On!s
Home for Wayward Geeks
Home for Wayward Geeks Laminate 2013
“Wristy” & “Powerho” Welcoming new Geeks from around the Globe.Camping near the center of the Village; helping keep the power on for the Village.

  • Power Ranger: “Wristy” & Powerho
  • MOOP Maven: Powerho
  • Sun Dial – interactive art
  • Where Ya From – interactive art
  • More in the planning stages!
Illumelodie Laminate 2013
Ryan “Lazer” Pod full.

  • Power Ranger: Ryan “Lazer”
  • MOOP Mavens: Sara “Lucky Duck” & Rachel
  • Amazing Illumelodie Dome
  • Laser Light Show
  • Ladies: Eros Tangeré Erotic Sensation Performance
  • Dare to Bare Critical Tits Ladies Airbrush & Body Painting
Joyism Laminate 2013
Brad “Good 2 Go” Pod full.

  • Power Ranger:
  • MOOP Maven: Shawn “Glow Girl”
  • Spreading the Joy
  • Pod Specialty Drinks
  • Burt Art Tour
Labor Party Heidi “Scout” Welcoming new pod mates.

  • Power Ranger:  Dianne
  • MOOP Maven:
Provide labor to support other Pods
Lost & ProfoundLost & Profound Skip & Marilyn “Foxy” Brown Pod Full.New for 2014. “We are a cavalcade of wanderers, pausing in this peaceful place know as BRC to share our stories of the world, life adventures and mysteries of untapped energies.” “We come with welcoming hospitality and shades of the Sultan’s passion” “Pause for the moment, revitalize the soul; our collective inner energy calls to all those Lost and Profound”

  • Power Ranger:  Peter “Great Grey”
  • MOOP Mavens: Omri “Fry” & Christine “Soy”
Our evolution as a camp continues to emerge from that primoridal soup.   Outreach events (still in construct):

Primary to all:  Bedouin oasis chill zone escape (Community tented area with pillows, AC & hospitality)

To be scheduled daily events:

  • Middle-eastern tea ceremony and service
  • Shisha socials
  • Hummus sharing
  • Belly dancing lessons
  • Belly dancing entertainment

More to come as our camp energy evolves.

Mist’R Cool
Mist'R Cool Laminate 2013
“Mist’R Cool” Pod full.

  • Power Ranger:  Brian “Bam” & Horst
  • MOOP Mavens: Donovan, Steve, Mei, Brian, Pankaj & Ram

Mist’R Cool Camp’s Caravansary

  • Mist’R Cool’s Zipper
  • Mist’R Cool’s Caravansary Tent(Bedouin style)
  • Pole Dancing/ Belly Dancing performances and training
  • Arial Acrobatics performances and training
  • Mist’R Cool’s Caravansary Karaoke
  • Mist’R Cool’s Caravansary
    Art Car
  • Mist’R Cool’s Caravansary
    Wind-art Tower
  • The Cool Mist Experience
  • Mist’R Cool’s Vibes
    for Goddesses
Otis Spankmore
Otis Laminate 2013
“Twisty” Welcoming new pod mates.(Facebook)

  • Power Ranger:  Chris “Twisty”
  • MOOP Maven: Illiana
  • Spankings & cookies
  • Standard spanking station
  • Unusual implements spanking station
  • Words in paddles
  • Pod Specialty Drinks
  • Let’s Make a Playa Deal
The Wandering Maenad
Manea New for 2014

  • Power Ranger:  Ken “Power Trip”
  • MOOP Maven: James “Shaper”
  • Cosmic Dog – Divinations & Hot Dogs
  • Sacred Grounds – Divinations & Coffee
  • TaTa Tarot – Topless Tarot Readings