Do I need an Adapter?

For most campers, you may need some type of adapter to plug in when camping with Silicon Village. The electrical system most commonly has a TwistLock (L520R) connector that you need to plug into. The grid below will help you determine what type of plug you have and what type of adapter you may need.

I Have… I Need… What to Get
A common house plugNEMA_5-15P A TwistLock ConnectorNEMA_L5-20P Adapter-MaleTwistLockL5-15PFemale5-15R
I Have… I Need… What to Get
An RV plugNEMA TT-30P A TwistLock Connector

Adapters come in many colors and types. You will find the small puck style ones commonly. These will work, yet can get very hot or do not offer much strain relief. If possible get a wired adapter as pictured. Those that have clear covers and an LED indicator can also be very helpful.

Wait, 20 Amps? For my RV? My RV has a 30 Amp plug, don’t I need a L530P?

Most RVs draw up to, or more than, 20 amps when many appliances are running all at once. We don’t have as many 30 Amp outlets, so we advise the L520P.

This means that you need to not run all your appliances at once.