Ticketing Process

If you or a friend are thinking of going to Burning Man, here are some notes on the ticketing process starting this week.

BM 2015: ticketing process THIS WEEK

  1. Here is an explanation of the BM ticketing process for the sale coming up THIS WEEK AND NEXT WEEK
    • All info on tickets.burningman.org
    • Choose one email address and use the same one for everything!
      • Write down usernames and passwords immediately – get this wrong and you will miss the ticket sale if you can’t log in on time.
    • The first thing you need to do is create a burner profile at profiles.burningman.com; you can do this bit right now.
    • Then, you need to “register” on your profile page between Wed this week at noon and Saturday this week at noon. THERE IS A BUTTON TO PRESS LABELED “REGISTER”. DON”T MISS THE DEADLINES.
    • Open an account at Ticketfly.com right now. Use the same name, email address. This is where tickets are purchased.
    • On Wed Feb 18 BEFORE NOON next week, you must be at your computer and logged into your burner profile. A button will appear on the right, under “sparkly things”. (Alternatively you can log into your ticketfly account and refresh).
      • After noon, you need to refresh often until that button or link appears! VERY IMPORTANT.
      • Then you go through into the wait list and I will tell you how long you are waiting. Probably over 30 minutes.
      • Don’t press the back button. Just be patient.
      • Make sure you can get the time off work and be in an area of no service interruption for several hours if needed.
      • They sold out in 44 minutes last year. Make sure you have the liquid cash in your bank account!
    • Tickets are double tickets (ie. for one or two persons). You could just buy one ticket at $390 (plus $22 delivery fees).
      • Since tickets are rare, if you have the money to buy two, I would, because you can help someone else by selling it to them.
      • You won’t have difficulties selling a ticket; call Rupert: he always has friends who need a ticket.
      • Each double ticket has the right to buy one vehicle pass, cost $50. *(Buy a Vehicle pass you will need it)
    • Do not buy “will call” tickets because someone will have to be with you to get his ticket and there is no chance your friend will be there at the same time unless they are traveling with you.
      • It is very difficult to resell a will call ticket since they will need your id and not many people will trust you.
      • Have it delivered to you in June.
      • Tickets are transferable once you have them in your hand. You just have to not lose them!