Silicon Village Stage

The Village Stage is a place for anyone (not limited to Village Campers) to perform or create audience pARTicipation events. Because of the location being very public and because the Village is not a sound camp, we do have some limitations on the types of acts we are willing to accept during certain hours of the day and night.

We prefer to have events scheduled pre-Burn and advertised in the What Where When (WWW) for maximum audience opportunities.  To schedule the stage for the 2015 Burn please send an email to Stage [at] SiliconVillageBurners [dot] org.  There may be open slots to schedule events on Playa, please check the Village and/or Stage Event Board.

We have some items available for use (if you take really good care of them):

  • PA box with 2 microphone jacks, 2 speaker jacks and MP3 input. (one of the mic inputs may not work)
  • 2 large speakers with cables
  • 2 microphones
  • 2 microphone stands

The Village Stage is placed for 2015 on 6:00 between E & G near where F street would be near The Wandering Maenad’s Pod. Historically the stage is placed near the Village Arch (closest intersection to Center Camp); although, the actual Pod name may change. In the past the stage has been a part of HOTD, Illumelodie, and Mist’R Cool.

Stage Area
  • A stage in 3 sections with raised feet (about 4-6″) with each section being 4’x8′ making a 8’x12′ stage.
  • A shade structure for the stage itself which is in line with the audience shade.
  • A shade structure for the audience that is 20’x20′ and 10′ high.

If you would like to volunteer to assist with the Stage (set up, take down, check in/outs, photographer, videographer, gofer, pre-playa repair/preparation, etc.) please email Stage [at] SiliconVillageBurners [dot] org

We’ve had some real fun around Village Stage!  We ask all Pods to have at least one Village Stage Event during the week.

We’ve had pARTicipation events in the past like:

  • The Merkin Fashion Show
  • The Twerkin Fashion Show

We’ve had musicians perform:

We’ve had DJs:

Events currently scheduled for  the Village Stage for the 2015 Burn include:

4-5p Let’s Make a Playa Deal
5-530p Champagne Girl provides Rock ‘N Roll Relief
6-7pm Open Mic!
9-10am A Gentle Beginning to Your Day with Paula
3-5pm Experimental Drone Set
6-7pm Open Mic!
2-3pm DJ Drone
3-4pm DJ Alex Flury
4-5pm Let’s Make a Playa Deal
530-7pm Family Feud
3-5pm Eye of Argon Comedy Reading
5-6pm Twerkin Fashion Show
6-8pm Lip Sync 4 Yo’ Life
3-4pm Star of Shamash
4-5pm Let’s Make a Playa Deal
5-6pm DJ Alex Flury
6-7pm Open Mic!
4-5pm Sweet Honey Tunes with Honey of Honey and the Emperor Band
5-6pm DJ Anthony Motto
6-7pm Open Mic!