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In order for us all to know what’s going on in and around our Village, here’s a schedule of events that are being hosted by our campers at The Burn. These events are collected from the Burning Man Playa Events page.

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Orgasmic Meditation Circle @ PartySnail Maenads

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a timed sexuality practice where a partner strokes a woman’s clitoris for 15 minutes in a prescribed manner with no goal other than to feel the sensations that arise in their bodies. Our certified OM trainer can teach you this practice and guide you through your first OM. Come experience this consciousness practice which fosters the much needed elements of connection and empathy. We’re offering trainings in the PartySnail Maenad camp in Silicon Village.

Event TypeAdult-oriented
LocationPartySnail Maenads in Silicon Village
Event URL 
Hosted BySilicon Village
Tuesday Aug 29
Start01:00 PM End02:00 PM
Thursday Aug 31
Start01:00 PM End02:00 PM

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