Silicon Village Art Cars


Joyism and rainbow 2010

2010 – photo by Blinky

Dedicated as a mobile temple to Joyism, the new world religion that will be the dominant religion on the planet in the 30th Century.

Our celebratory libations are blended margaritas.

We all study the ‘Book of Joyism” (available on Amazon) very studiously, learning it by heart.

The Joyism art car is our goodwill ambassador on the Playa, offering rides, 80’s music, and chainsaw blender margaritas wherever joy is needed.

Lunar Rover

lunarroverCustom built, modular and brought all the way from Helsinki, Finland! This is a hand-built replica of the original 1970s Lunar Rover showing tribute to the lunar program, old aircraft and fighter jets.

It is fully functional and the exact size and weight of the original Lunar Rover with some 21st century updates like a synthesizer, drum-machine, voice transformer, cooler, lasers, spotlights and a smoke machine. Parked by the Sauna Dome in Silicon Village. Get ready to be dazed and confused!

The Party Snail

First  Burn: 2009
[ website ]

A video by Denise Gallant, a trip on the Party Snail during the 2010 Burn.

What do you think of the dance pole? The eye stalks, side chairs, mattress…. Do like them enough to sponsor them!?

The Party Snail is looking for Snailers that wish to sponsor parts of the Party Snail in an effort to help cover transportation and storage costs for the 2015 Burn. Someone, and you know who you are, suggested sponsoring the air within the tires. ;p


2014 with new eyes and shell – photo by Cowboy

Here are some of the items we’re looking to sponsor:

  • Dance Floor
  • Dance Pole
  • Driver Side Seat
  • Eye Stalks
  • Passenger Side Seat
  • Shell
  • Speakers
  • Stairs
  • Tailgate
  • Upstairs Benches

I will find a way to honor your sponsorship so that people will know that you sponsored that part of the Party Snail or it can be kept discrete. Your preference.

Please contact me off list if you wish to Sponsor a part.

– Twisty


Former Village Art Cars

Not camping in the Village this year

Bed Rock Hot Rod Taxi

Bed Rock Hot Rod Taxi Joel “Cowboy” & Janet “Moon Pie” bring the Bed Rock Hot Rod Taxi to Silicon Village. They camp in Heart On! Pod – not going to the 2015 Burn – look for them at Regionals.

Cool Wind

cw-nightFirst Burn: 2014
by Pat Contioso & Jesse Jones.
In Mist’R Cool’s Pod

Cool Wind is designed in a similar fashion as  our previous art car, Radical Patio; it’s capable of carrying 20 people and it’s easy to get on and get off.  While some art cars focus on lighting like you would see in a carnival (flashing rapidly, distracting, etc.) we took a more feminist approach to our lighting;  Cool Wind has gently fading colors that are mesmerizing, yet easy on the eye.  Cool Wind has  3 columns constructed as vases, each containing large air inflated stars acting as giant color changing flowers that sway in the wind.

Cruizin’ for a Snoozin’

cruisin for a snoozin“Gravity” Mike was a former member of Heart On & Semuta Lounge.

Melanesian Myth-Dream

Melanesian Myth-Dream
Melanesian Myth-Dream brought by Mark “Skip” who  camped in Lost & Profound Pod in 2014.


Radical Patio

Radical PatioRadical Patio, also known to some as Happy Spot, was an art car built by Pat Contioso, Hadar Shemtov and Jesse Jones.  While riding, you could sit back, relax and cruise the Playa under the  beautiful air inflated art by Doron Gazit. Radical Patio won a DMV award for the most unusual art car towed by a rototiller. Radical Patio was retired in 2012 and replaced by Cool Wind in 2014.

The All Seeing Eye

The top section is animated. It morphs between different kinds of eyes, such as cats, birds, people, etc. It changes every year, yet I keep the pyramid shape each year. If it is not moving, people think it is a stationary art project. It surprises them when they look inside and, BOO!, there are people there. And because it is a 3-wheel golf cart, I can do immediate, tight, pirouettes. Also, it’s cool inside during the day, and warm at night.