Silicon Village Mutant Vehicles


Anubis is an Egyptian Palanquin carried by four articulated statues of the god Anubis. The Pharaoh and his passengers ride on a covered platform in search of the afterlife. The vehicle is richly decorated with tapestries, drapery, cast and carved art pieces, as well as colored lights.

Anubis first appeared on Playa in 2003. After nine Burns, Anubis was sent to a well-deserved afterlife. The vehicle was ripped back from the gods by Princess, who began repairs and restoration from the ground up. Anubis returned to the Playa in 2018 with a new crew, new decorations, and of course new ways to choke on all the dust. 2019 will mark the vehicle’s 11th Burn.


Joyism and rainbow 2010
2010 – photo by Blinky

Dedicated as a mobile temple to Joyism, the new world religion that will be the dominant religion on the planet in the 30th Century.

Our celebratory libations are blended margaritas.

We all study the ‘Book of Joyism” (available on Amazon) very studiously, learning it by heart.

The Joyism art car is our goodwill ambassador on the Playa, offering rides, 80’s music, and chainsaw blender margaritas wherever joy is needed.

The Party Snail

First  Burn: 2009
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A video by Denise Gallant, a trip on the Party Snail during the 2010 Burn.

What do you think of the dance pole? The eye stalks, side chairs, mattress…. Do like them enough to sponsor them!?

The Party Snail is looking for Snailers that wish to sponsor parts of the Party Snail in an effort to help cover transportation and storage costs for the 2015 Burn. Someone, and you know who you are, suggested sponsoring the air within the tires. ;p

2014 with new eyes and shell – photo by Cowboy

Here are some of the items we’re looking to sponsor:

  • Dance Floor
  • Dance Pole
  • Driver Side Seat
  • Eye Stalks
  • Passenger Side Seat
  • Shell
  • Speakers
  • Stairs
  • Tailgate
  • Upstairs Benches

I will find a way to honor your sponsorship so that people will know that you sponsored that part of the Party Snail or it can be kept discrete. Your preference.

Please contact me off list if you wish to Sponsor a part.

– Twisty