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INFORMATION FROM 2016 – Will be updated for 2017 soon!
Big Art – Silicon Village Camp Members are involved in some Big Art for this year’s Burn

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A member of Joyism, Timeless, has an installation Fire Inside out on Playa.

fireinsideThis installation celebrates the kindling Renaissance on display at Da Vinci’s Workshop. It features Firemeister Timeless’ very latest installment of his wandering Liberty (R)evolution, a series of public art sharings that span nine years, 8 monuments and growing. Creative Cauldron features The Man’s head, carved from a mammoth cedar stump — that most famous head, josephStantonFireInsideengulfed in carved flames and this sculpture is titled “Liberty Torch.” Be sure to join us for our ceremonial performance Wednesday evening (Thursday & Friday as backup incase of weather), where we will be teaming up with other artist to put on a magical performance this year on the playa. You, yes you yourself may be one of the honored to experience the Fire Inside as it happens, just watch for a wooden cauldron of carved flames burning mid-week at sunsets — 12 O’clock and The Temple, as wind conditions allow. We will also be looking for members of the community to contribute their breath to the fire, driving the flames into the sculpture. So get your ass there and be ready… things are look’n good for Liberty kid…